Easy Peasy Bath Bombs? YEAH!

Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst Bath Bombs at the mall can run you upwards of $12, and like my daughter said "That's it?" with little fan fair! This is a way for you to save a little money and have a little fun! My kiddos like to hide little plastic rings or toys inside theirs for their friends! What a cute idea! INGREDIENTS1 cup baking soda1/2 cup citric acid1/2 cup epsom ... [Read More]

Hey, you wanna taco bout it?

Cause we sure do!   How cute is this file? How cute for everything from TUESDAYS to BABY SHOWERS? GAH, I'm in love <3 Click below to get yours! ... [Read More]

Hello Koozie Project

17A Superfast & Easy Project!   For this Project we used Sisser Easy Weed Glitter HTV, a Neoprene Can Koozie, Teflon sheets, an Iron, and our Easy Press mat!!   We use our Explorer One, set it on CUSTOM and pick Glitter Vinyl, You have to put the Sisser SHINEY side down on your mat, and cut your project out.   Make sure you REVERSE any text you have because you're ... [Read More]

Knitters don’t share needles – SVG

Knitters don't share needles I think I saw the saying 12 years ago when my son was still tiny. I loved it, and never thought I'd be making bags with HTV! I'll be making T-Shirts too! <3 Can't wait! You can make it as well with our file! It's $1.00 but after that, it's yours for the using. ... [Read More]

If you could just bear with me!

Bear with me! I say this so much it's a wonder this isn't considered my CATCHPHRASE! You can grab yours for $1.00! ... [Read More]

New SVG that opens DIRECTLY in design space! For FREE

Our Favorite new design Let's face it downloading and uploading can be a nightmare, especially when you really want to get to a project now! We've got a beautiful Lotus that we're uploaded to Design Space and we know it's amazing we made shirts! Click this image and open it right away! Cut Now! FOR FREE! UPDATE: it appears the files come down after a time! We'll get this one uploaded soon! ... [Read More]