Hello Koozie Project

17A Superfast & Easy Project!


For this Project we used Sisser Easy Weed Glitter HTV, a Neoprene Can Koozie, Teflon sheets, an Iron, and our Easy Press mat!!


We use our Explorer One, set it on CUSTOM and pick Glitter Vinyl, You have to put the Sisser SHINEY side down on your mat, and cut your project out.


Make sure you REVERSE any text you have because you’re cutting from the BACK of the vinyl basically. You also weed from the back too, and what you’re left with is your TEXT on the SHINEY side ( The side that was down on your Mat)

You lay this where you would like it on your Kooze, I only center UP and down, because these are Round, and it’ll wrap around, it doesn’t have to be centered left to right <3 I use my Iron set on LOW because with Neoprene and Nylon you want to go LOW and SLOW. I set my Koozie on my easy press mat and cover with a Teflon sheet.

I only press down for 5-second intervals and check my work.  I only pressed three times to get this to stick. This is completely dependant on your iron/heat press. Follow the instructions, or use your BEST judgment.

Will finally peel back the Shiny cover and you’ll have your final project!  How did your Koozie project go? Have any questions? Leave your questions in the comments below!

If you’d like to grab up this SVG file to make your own you can do so here:

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