My Story

My name is Amy McWilliams, I’m a wife, and mother of two. I love the internet, I think I always have, I love that i can make it do amazing things.


Two years ago I started work for an online shoe retailer with no experiance with an ecommerce platform. I learned a lot there, and found Shopify to be my newest facination and addiction.


Making not only a website my clients will love is only part of the equation. I need to make a website they can use and feel comfortable with. Something that truely is Usable for them, and their customers.


I am a mentor and happy to help answer your eccomerce questions. I’ve been called an ecommerce ‘Dear Abby’ Recently and hope to have my blog up soon because believe it or not a lot of you have the same questions!


I believe in Ecommerce, and I believe in transparency, and with Shopify and my help, I believe you can start your own business!